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Cloud end-to-end interactive network solution

The fastest way to connect with customers. Improve sales and customer support with web live chat, email, superb data analysis, powerful CRM, and AI-robot chat system.

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Multiple messaging platforms integration

BestChat can be integrated with various platforms: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email.

With the integration, your potential customers can initiate a live chat with you anytime anywhere.

Through our integrated message system, you can easily manage all the messages via different platforms in our system.

Boost revenue with business-friendly tools

Provide various tools for managing customer relationships, analyzing traffic data to optimize website strategy, and evaluating agent's performance.

  • CRM

    BestChat integrates CRM system, which works to collect and analyze customer information, connect chat content, enhance the management and processing track, dig out the potential customers and increase revenue. BestChat deals with more than 1.5million recorded customers every day.

  • Collect

    Not only can BestChat automatically track the visitor's browsing journey, IP, referrals, keywords, viewing page, time, etc., but also analyses the website's global visits and agent's performance.

  • Analytics

    BestChat provides more than 30 customer service indexes such as, chat content, service quality, chat efficiency, chat close, chat topic and chat time, (the group version includes more customer service comprehensive analyses), providing the statistical gauge for improving customer service quality.

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Advanced chat robot

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Keep online 24/7 with customers.

Provides efficient customer service using fewer resources.

Respond to customers automatically with your customizable lexicon.

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Superb customer support platform

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Portable devices support

iOS and Android apps ensure no misses in any communication wherever you are. Especially, provide a seamless experience for users across desktop and mobile.

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Automatic chat distribution

Bringing in the ACD model of multi-distribution strategies, such as saturation distribution, in turn distribution, priority distribution, BestChat has the perfect balance between ability and efficiency, which raises visitors' satisfaction effectively.

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Detailed showcase

One table can clearly show detailed information of 20 visitors. Including visitor ID, search engine, keywords, recommended websites, browser, referrals, location, language, etc., more specific information can be displayed freely.

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Member information identification

Can easily be integrated with your member system. BestChat displays customer information while your customers log in and chat with your customer support team.

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Free chat switching

The chat label displays the visitor's names, referrals, keywords, the last chat content and time, etc. At the same time, you can top new messages for chatting and monitoring.

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Multi-system integration

Rich experience in connecting BestChat with your system. Tickets, orders, logistics systems, etc., BestChat supports special process involvement to provide companies differentiated services for marketing strategies.

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