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6 Tips about How to Boost Conversion Rate of Landing Page

Shirley Walker

The Internet has developed into the next stage, the traffic dividend is gradually fading, and the challenge raises a lot with the cost of obtaining traffic.

Under the same conditions, improving the conversion rate of traffic is crucial for merchants online.

Especially in some fields, such as e-commerce, financial management, etc., conversion rate is one of the key indicators to measure business.

How to improve the conversion rate is a long-standing problem for Internet companies.

Therefore, for marketing, operations, product and data analysts, it would help a lot to understand the secrets of conversion rate. Let’s talk about how to use data analytics to improve conversion rates.

How to increase the conversion rate in general?

Define the core objectives

Draw the core process

List impact factors (do additive)

Add impact weights (do subtraction)

Optimize impact factors

Here are some rules about design landing pages.
1. Targeting the right users

For users in different channels, marketing needs to develop different push and different landing pages to improve the accuracy of targeting.

2. Improve the experience and fluency of the product

There are many ways to improve user experience, such as adjusting button positions, border or overall reshuffle, product interaction, etc. The details make the difference.

3. Optimize the conversion path

Different industries have different conversion paths. For E-commerce, OTA, O2O industry, the final order count is regarded as the conversion. For Saas and social products, the number of registrations is often taken as a conversion point.

So let’s talk about more tips of increase the conversion rate of landing pages.

(1) Keep it simple and focus on your main purpose

(2) Imagine you are the user

(3) Do emotional design, easy content, reasonable layout

(4) Pop out the CTA

(5) Do not miss the mobile end

(6) Do not distract users

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