Companies are turning to technology more than headcount

Sherry Smith

Technology is a big part of our everyday life. Our ‘smartphones, our ‘smart’ homes, and even our TVs are becoming ‘smart’. People are embracing technology more with each passing day.

To match the high customer expectations, companies need a lot of manpower. However, instead of hiring more people, more and more teams opt for a more efficient option: BestChat online service solution.

Instead of emailing back and forth, providing teamwork chat boxes, and chatbots to help the company respond to basic questions, are just a few examples of efficient options.

With the use of BestChat live chat, companies are available 24/7 and the customer success team can prioritize helping customers without worrying about repetitive tasks as these can be easily automated.

There are also minor tasks that BestChat live chat can help the CS team with Internal notice.

For example, in the logistics industry, temporary flight delays have led to an increase in consulting customers, and internal notifications are used to make announcements in a timely manner so that the customer service team can grasp the information that needs to be transmitted in a timely manner, accurately understand business changes, and provide customers with more professional and accurate information.

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