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eCommerce industry solutions-helping companies build a new eCommerce online communication platform

Emma Bruce

Aiming at the characteristics of the eCommerce industry with many activities, large traffic, short project implementation cycle, and high project requirements, BestChat provides eCommerce companies with a comprehensive online customer service solution and quickly helps platforms and stores provide customers with pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales online Communication support, and in-depth mining of online data on platforms, stores, and customers, to help companies improve the conversion rate of orders and the retention rate of customers. At the same time, it allows enterprises to easily realize the integrated operation and management of platforms, stores, and customers, and create a new eCommerce online business communication platform.

Lack of customer behavior insight and low conversion rate;
With multiple stores and multiple merchants, merchant supervision is a difficult problem;
The large volume of customer inquiries, many repetitive problems, time-consuming and labor-intensive;
Independent multiple systems, inconsistent data flow, low service marketing efficiency
1. Customer behavior insight
Increase order conversion rate
Real-time portraits of customers, and data analysis helps conversion

BestChat provides eCommerce companies with various functions such as shopping cart information exchange, purchase information sharing, customer footprint display, and other functions to display customer portraits in real-time, gain insight into customer behavior, help customer service improve communication efficiency, and promote order conversion. In the consultation dialogue, the customer service can simultaneously view the customer’s shopping cart, purchased product information, and browse footprints, allowing the customer service to intuitively understand the customer’s points of interest and facilitate the use of different words to promote the order.

2. Unified background, easier to manage the store
Unified management and statistics
Guarantee the quality of platform customer service

Based on the operating characteristics of the B2B2C eCommerce platform such as merchant entry, POP store access, and store-in-shop management, BestChat allows the eCommerce platform to uniformly manage and count the store customer service system. It can also analyze the customer service situation of the store in many aspects from the platform's self-operated online service, to the platform's supervision of the store's online service, and then to the store's independent online service management. The quality of service and customer shopping experience in all aspects of pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales.

3. Intelligent customer service robot
Reduce labor costs
Open enterprise smart customer service
Release human customer service resources

The large flow of eCommerce companies has brought about a huge number of pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales consultations. Among them, repetitive and simple questions such as return and exchange and logistics inquiries greatly consume customer service resources and cause high customer service costs. BestChat uses intelligent customer service robots to help eCommerce companies filter simple and cumbersome basic consulting services for customers, save a lot of customer service human resources in order information query, warehousing, and logistics information query, etc., reduce corporate labor costs and allow customer service to provide targeted services, potential customers, improve service quality and increase order conversion rate.

4. System interoperability improves service marketing efficiency
Rich API interface, connecting various business scenarios

BestChat uses its accumulated service experience and resources to provide eCommerce companies with a wealth of API interfaces and build an eCommerce online communication platform for information resource sharing. BestChat can be docked with the logistics system, CRM system, ERP system, order system, and other systems of the eCommerce platform, which perfectly adapts to the complex business classification of eCommerce, and allows the workflow and data flow to achieve information sharing through one platform. Combined with advanced routing strategies, various business scenarios of eCommerce services are connected in series, so that any needs of customers can quickly reach the relevant response departments, thereby realizing business circulation and linkage, and improving overall service marketing efficiency.

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