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Education industry solutions-break the shackles of traditional education and expand the source of new students

Iris Wilson

BestChat education industry online customer service solution is customized and developed according to the characteristics of the education industry. It helps online education companies, schools, and scientific research institutions break the traditional education region and time constraints, and build an intelligent online communication platform for various educational scenarios, allowing students and consulting Teachers can communicate online anytime, anywhere. Online education companies, schools, and scientific research institutions can quickly build an online communication platform through BestChat, tap online resources to expand the source of new students, improve the overall education service experience, and realize the transformation from online consultation to online and offline follow-up.

Industry pain points

1. There are many channels for students, information is difficult to unify, and communication is not smooth

2. Traditional enrollment methods, low student conversion, and high promotion cost

3. Incomplete sales data makes it difficult to refine operations

4. Student information is difficult to monitor, and data leakage is at risk.

Break through the constraints of regional time

Build an online communication platform

Meet the needs of consultants and students to communicate anytime, anywhere

BestChat goes deep into the education industry and helps companies build an Internet communication environment that can cover websites, APP, phones, QR codes, and other channels on the premise of student information security, break through the constraints of geographical time, and satisfy consultants and students anytime, anywhere The need for communication. Unified omnichannel instant messaging access allows enterprises to extend their service tentacles to all corners of the Internet, ensuring that every communication link will not be missed, and assisting enterprises to seize every student in the business channel.

Multiple active marketing models

Improve student conversion

Actively establish communication and increase sales opportunities

BestChat provides companies with a variety of active marketing models such as active chat, inviting test training, and reverse customer contact, helping consultants to actively establish communication and improve student conversion. Counselors can track intended students, take the initiative to quickly establish online communication with students through BestChat at the right time, and immediately show their sincerity and enthusiasm to intended students, which will increase the possibility of students signing up.

At the same time, BestChat can monitor the activities of all students on the enterprise platform, and invite students for examination and training. Through the business rules preset by the administrator, students are automatically invited in different ways. For students with strong intentions, the monitoring consultant can manually send a dialogue invitation to guide the students to consult and increase the conversion rate.

Break the traditional model

Accurate online enrollment

Clear student portraits and start refined operations

Traditional teaching and enrollment methods cannot accurately locate the target learning group, which quickly leads to the problems of low student conversion rate and high teaching promotion costs. BestChat provides consultants with student information such as student name, visiting channel, region, number of visits, search engine, search keywords, promotion page, student nationality, identification, activity footprint, historical dialogue records, and other student information, and generates student portraits based on big data analysis, So that the consultant can understand in real time the activity rules of the intended students to visit the website, fully grasp the students’ learning psychology, and accurately predict the content of the student's interests.

Multiple security strategies

Ensuring student information security

Student information encryption, multi-role management

Reduce the risk of information leakage

BestChat provides multiple encryption protections for back-end marketing data. The student information security encryption function encrypts the student information collected by the company, including personal information such as name, mobile phone number, email, address, etc., and then displays it to the consultant. Unauthorized consultants cannot Direct contact with the sensitive information of the trainees effectively preventing the huge losses caused by the private collection and leakage of the trainee's information. In addition, based on the RBAC role model and business fine-grained definition of multiple management permissions, the enterprise security model can be customized. The administrator can divide various roles according to the business, and each role is assigned corresponding functional permissions for effective security control.

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