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Financial Industry Solutions-Helping Companies Develop a New Model of Internet Financial Sales

Sherry Smith

BestChat financial industry online customer service solution is that BestChat penetrates the financial industry deeply and has accumulated rich implementation experience in various financial fields such as banking, funds, insurance, securities, P2P, etc. It is an online communication platform tailored for financial companies to build and maintain individuality. Upgraded overall solution.

From product infrastructure to opening up enterprise business systems, to adapting to complex network environments, BestChat builds an online customer service system for financial enterprises in all aspects and implements a highly secure and highly available deployment plan through strict security penetration scanning. Help companies develop new sales models based on Internet financial technology to meet the company's strict requirements for current business.

Industry pain points

1. There are many customer channels, and the customer service frequently switches platforms, which is a large number of customers and high similarity of customer consultation questions, repetitive answers consume high labor costs

2. The business of the enterprise is distributed all over the country, and customer service management is a problem

3. Information security is fundamental, and data leakage endangers the corporate reputation

Through its diversified intelligent routing platform, BestChat conducts unified management and distribution of various online channels of the enterprise, adapts the best business scenarios for enterprise customers, and enhances the financial service experience. Enterprises can also provide the best service guarantee for high-quality customers through customized VIP service access and queuing strategies.

In addition, BestChat provides companies with a variety of open business interfaces and can be perfectly connected with corporate membership systems, ERP, work order systems, etc., to quickly extend business information to customer service scenarios. It can help corporate customer service to integrate 18 monitoring indicators such as the source of the visitor website, time distribution, visit frequency, search keywords, etc., to understand the visitor situation in a timely manner, efficiently prepare corresponding countermeasures, provide customers with suitable products, achieve precise marketing, and promote financial product sales The purpose of growth and enhancement of corporate brand value.

Intelligent chatbot--BestChat bot

Reduce service costs

Solve 90% of common problems

Release human customer service resources

The accumulation of BestChat online customer service industry experience has precipitated a massive human-machine dialogue language database in the financial field and refined and extracted an intelligent robot customer service system that is more suitable for the online service field. Based on natural language processing (NLP), using various artificial intelligence technologies such as semantic understanding, deep learning, and machine learning, robots can more accurately understand customer problems. At the same time, the customer service robot can assist manual customer service to answer more than 90% of common questions, freeing up manual customer service resources, and reducing service costs.

Rich management mechanism

Fully manage customer service

Real-time monitoring, post-event monitoring

Keep abreast of the team status in time

BestChat's multi-dimensional customer service quality monitoring process design helps managers keep abreast of the status of the customer service team. During the conversation, BestChat provides managers with global monitoring, customer service monitoring, ultra-long conversation monitoring, multi-party conversations, and other functions for real-time control of customer service conversations, effectively guaranteeing the quality of online services. After the conversation, the manager can preset the quality inspection form in advance to conduct customer service quality inspection, and perform KPI assessment on the customer service, hundreds of customer service KPI data indicators, dialogue on the customer service, service quality, work status, attendance, comprehensive ability, internal collaboration, etc. Fully supervise and cultivate a high-quality customer service team.

At the same time, BestChat also provides a custom report function. Managers can personalize report dimensions and indicators based on existing data, and flexibly formulate multiple statistical analysis reports, such as customer service KPI reports, dialogue group reports, etc., to provide a basis for improving service quality and efficiency.

Multi-strategy information security assurance

High system safety factor

Reserve a wealth of security strategies and experience

BestChat has successfully served more than one hundred large enterprises in the fields of banking, insurance, funds, etc. During this period, it has successfully passed the quarterly security scans of all enterprises and has accumulated a wealth of security strategies and experience, and the system has a high safety factor. BestChat can actively analyze and judge security trends to take protective measures, combined with intelligent HTTPS abnormal filtering detection, distributed DDOS defense, multi-point multiple backup mechanism server, and other strategies to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system and provide enterprises with multiple server security deployment methods, which is convenient The enterprise chooses to ensure the security of information and data flexibly according to the actual situation.

Effectively improve satisfaction