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Fresh Journey to BestChat - How to Engage Your Customers to Chat?

Tala Ray

After your whole hard work on Instagram or Tiktok to acquire traffic to your online store, it’s not a good idea to just let your potential customers leave without interaction.

So here we are, 4 tips to attract your visitors to interact with you more easily and instantly! Make it not just your work to connect!

1. Pick the location and color for your online store

As we know you definitely will deco your store, so don’t forget to make the icon fits too. 

You could design your chat icon from 3 dimensions position, size, and color. Just try to change and preview it in BestChat, and you will find the best combination to attract your customers.

2. Make it simple for customers to find you with text 

Yet every chat icon is quite different, so the text does help customers to understand what this icon is for. Wording like “Chat with us”, “Need help?”, “Hi, there👋” are the common message to welcome and is easy to understand. Don’t forget emojis here, sometimes emojis tell more with a special vibe.

3. The opportunity for a real profile agent photo

Let’s be honest, you would want to chat with the real person more. Then we would suggest you show that you are open to interacting with any visitors about their concerns. Uploading the agent's photo is quite helpful, people would communicate in more detail if they think they are chatting with a real person. This kind of information exchange allows you to get real and instant feedback from visitors, and you could take advantage of this to convert them into your customers!

So why not try to upload your own profile photo?

4. Try out the new BestChat bot - the instant helper for all

Imagine that you pop into an online store and click the icon to start chat, and there are auto-messages like promo codes, shipping queries, or information you would like to inquire about very quickly. How convenient! Providing a shortcut in the chat widget without actually engaging a real human to search for you, it’s the magic of our BestChat bot. Try out the BestChat bot on your Shopify and Wix stores today!

Let us be your advantage now

We have a 24-hour team to serve you, and we also have a more comprehensive customer service approach.