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Hey, you have a new message from Shopify delivered by BestChat

Emma Bruce

If you're not a 24/7 Shopify merchant, worried about customers coming when you're not online? Don't worry, we have launched the function of forwarding the message to your designated email address. Even if you are not online, if there is a customer leaving a message, you will receive our reminder message as soon as possible.

Shopify's customers are hard-earned, don't miss them easily.

This is the basic quality of a good Live chat tool.

You can enter the email address you need to receive messages in Settings – Offline Messages, and forward messages to email:

offline message

Don't worry about being offline, some customers' messages cannot be received, hurry up to set up BestChat on your Shopify store, and make your Live chat more sensible and smarter!

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Let us be your advantage now

We have a 24-hour team to serve you, and we also have a more comprehensive customer service approach.