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How Can Customer Service Reshape a Business?

Tala Ray

How does customer service strategy help the business? There are a variety of ways that customer experience affects the perception of consumers about the company. When businesses provide customer service, it can involve being polite and friendly, and listening to customers. Businesses should also ensure that the facilities offered to customers, such as fitting rooms or waiting areas, make the customer's experience of the business more enjoyable. This makes customers feel like they are valued by the business.

And when it comes to online service, customer service and support teams interact with consumers on an as-needed basis, using various chat channels such as phone, website chat applications, and social media messaging. Especially during the pandemic, more and more enterprises have started and increased online services. Support teams are available to provide technical assistance with products, while service teams are focused on the customer experience.

So, how can customer service reshape a business?

1. Encourage customer loyalty

Clients' loyalty is crucial to businesses, as existing clients are more likely to purchase your new products, while new customers are less likely to do so. For business, it is much cheaper to retain an old client than to get a new one – investing in new clients is estimated to be around 5-25 times more expensive. If the company’s customer service is excellent, most of the customers are likely to do business with the company again even after a mistake.

2. Create new marketing opportunities

Nowadays, there are many ways to communicate online, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., Connecting all your communication channels into one can create new opportunities to source your business with the existing customer base. Effective collaboration of your support, sales, and marketing teams can help to get to know customers better, make profiles and create a perfect offer.

Companies with proactive customer support and a tool-driven approach are able to find new opportunities to cross-sell and upsell their goods or services when using integrated CRM solutions, e.g., BestChat, LiveChat, and Zendesk.

3. Boost company sales

Customer service and sales are interconnected. Most of the customers report they’d buy again with companies with excellent customer service. This leads to the establishment of loyal customers – and this is how customer service increases profit since even 5% of growing customer retention enlarges profit by between 25% and 95%. As long as there is a little chance, there are unlimited possibilities.

4. Promote the company brand and increase values

Your customers make assumptions based on your social media presence, advertisements, content, and other external marketing. Customer service is the key and an entry point for direct communication with your brand that shapes the perception of your brand image. It can help influence customers and convince them of your strengths over competitors. Customers are likely to share a positive brand experience with others.

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