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How to Convert Your Different Visitors on Your Website

Tala Ray

Customers on the website come to visit, and we divide them into different types of visitors, some are new visitors, some are old customers, and some may be planning to buy.

Developing strategies for each type of visitor that will help guide them to the next step is key to converting them.

BestChat live chat tool will help you to display the visitor's visit time, the number of visits, the page they are currently browsing, and the browsing track of the customer after visiting the website.

If you understand each visitor's needs, you'll be able to serve them better. When you give them a great user experience and what they really want, they'll want to be your customer or long-time supporter and recommend you to friends and family.

The key to conversion comes from analyzing what customers really want, the language that resonates with them, and how they want to buy.

Visitors who are browsing

Chances are their visitors to your site for no real purpose. They're looking for high-quality content, usually arriving on your website via keyword searches. They may be unfamiliar with your brand or even the goods or services you offer. They haven't gotten to the point where they make a buying decision. They might just be doing some research.

The best way to convert these visitors into buyers is to keep in touch with them, focusing on building a relationship with them through your product or service content to bring them back to your site as often as possible. Emails can be a great place to start, and you can try to proactively message them to ensure ongoing value for your readers.

With email, you can introduce your product, address their shared concerns, and demonstrate the value of your product or service.

Visitors in the comparison stage

Comparators have decided to buy, but they're not sure who they'll buy from. They are looking for the best products on the market.

Comparators want to understand the features and benefits of your product or service. The most important thing to focus on here is clarity. If they want to see what you're offering and can't find it, your chances of converting are gone.

The benefits and features should be clear at a glance, with more detailed descriptions and demos for those who want to dig deeper.

If you offer a service with multiple subscription tiers or options, a comparison chart is a quick way to help visitors understand each subscription tier or option.

Write detailed blogs on how to get the most out of what you have to offer. Educate your customers so they know the benefits and features as much as you do.

Repeat customers

Repeat visitors discover your content and find it fascinating. It's possible that they still don't believe in the effectiveness of your product or service, but they're still curious.

Repeat customers want to be assured that the content you provide will meet their needs and effectively solve their problems. This is your chance to build trust.

Include buttons on your website for connecting to social media. It shows that you are open and willing to talk to customers from a global perspective.

You can draw on some third-party data or pre-existing content to use recommendations and share user-generated content on your website. Unleash your full potential as a brand advocate and show what your customers think of you.

More persuasive from third parties.

Using BestChat live chat on your Shopify or Wix website is also a good way to give your visitors a sense of trust. It gives you the opportunity to engage with website visitors and address their concerns on the spot. Even if they don't click the chat icon every time, knowing that someone is there for them is a powerful motivator for interaction if they run into problems in the future.

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