Case Studies

Logistics industry solutions-helping companies build a new integrated model of the logistics industry

Tala Ray

BestChat is an online customer service system under the big data platform built by BestChat with logistics core business and management goals as the main line, fully considering the characteristics of the logistics platform and subsequent easy expansion.

BestChat can be connected with the existing systems of logistics companies to complete a smooth and intensive online service process. At the same time, it can integrate the information collected and organized through online channels into the core business system of the company, which is convenient for the company to conduct data management.

Industry pain points

1. Enterprise business is widely distributed, and branch management is difficult

2. Cross-regional and cross-departmental collaboration is difficult, and problem-handling efficiency is low

3. Multi-system data is scattered, information flow is slow and time-consuming, and laborious

4. A Large amount of consultation and high similarity of questions, and repetitive answers consume high labor costs

Unified customer service platform to achieve effective customer service management
Improve service quality and maintain brand image

Logistics and express delivery companies are scattered across the country due to industry characteristics, and usually have a large number of agents and franchisees. Headquarters are difficult to manage and service efficiency and quality are difficult to guarantee. As a result, customer complaints and disputes affect the corporate brand image. The BestChat online customer service system provides a unified customer service platform for logistics enterprises. The headquarters of the enterprise manages the customer service data of branches and agent franchisees. The communication process is recorded throughout the communication process. When there are customer complaints and disputes, there are pieces of evidence to rely on, so that branches and agents can be handled. Effective management of franchisees. Multi-dimensional statistical reports enable managers to control the service conditions of different departments and regions in real time, thereby effectively managing branches and franchisees and improving the service quality.

Collaborate across departments to create efficient workflows
Custom work orders, are highly flexible and change as needed

Logistics companies have strong online and offline scenario integration requirements, resulting in more complex product business logic. At the same time, corporate customers often feedback on complex issues, involving multiple regions and multiple departments, and customer service often needs to receive work orders or the feedback information is manually sorted and then allocated to the corresponding regions and departments for processing, which is inefficient. With the goal of solving problems efficiently, BestChat provides logistics companies with a professional and flexible work order system to achieve unified recording of multi-channel problems, flexible configuration of multiple custom field types, and targeted recording of customer problem information. At the same time, the work process can be preset, and it can be automatically assigned to the corresponding department or person for processing according to the territoriality and problem classification, which connects the enterprise service chain and realizes efficient cross-regional and cross-departmental collaboration.

Powerful data integration
Build a new integrated digital logistics
Open up all aspects of logistics and improve data flow

BestChat provides a wealth of API data interfaces to connect to enterprise CRM systems, work order systems, online call centers, and other systems, to open up all aspects of logistics for enterprises, form a complete data information, resource operation, and maintenance management system, and connect markets, industries, customers and internal enterprises. Team to realize the innovative service model of "new logistics" information automation, intelligence, and networking. At the same time, BestChat's report analysis and statistics and KPI assessment tools designed for human-intensive service teams will help companies build a new integrated model of the logistics industry.

Intelligent customer service robots, reducing service costs
Cover all-time services and release human customer service resources

Consultation on frequent repetitive issues such as order shipping, freight query, network query, invoice application, etc., takes up a lot of customer service resources and energy, causes high customer service pressure, and high service costs, and affects customer service experience. The BestChat intelligent customer service robot is based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to allow customers to express their problems in the most natural way and obtain the precise information they want, solving the problem of homogeneity that consumes a large number of human resources for logistics companies, and helping companies to achieve automation Service consultation and response, to provide customers of logistics enterprises with full-time services.

Effectively improve satisfaction