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The Brand Newly Designed BestChat Widget for Visitors is Launched!

Rosina Reistetter

Our new BestChat chat window is live now! Welcome to try it, let's take a look at what's new!

The new BestChat widget developed with Vue technology, the performance is better, and the visitor side loads faster 0.78s more than ever; making live chat easier to load.

The communication mechanism adopts WebSocket, which provides a degraded communication solution and is compatible with most browsers on the market; messages are transmitted using RSA encryption to avoid information being stolen. It is much closer to Shopify's merchant usage needs than ever.

Let’s put your own brand logo on your BestChat chat widget.

BestChat new widget has flexible and configurable chat bubble color and theme to match your website. It will bring suitable and comfortable to your customers.

Increase the available space of the input box, and make live chat feel comfortable.

The font size of BestChat widget has been optimized to make it look elegant and spacious.

The close chat button of the original live chat widget has been removed, and visitors only need to minimize the chat widget without ending it and can start a follow-up chat at any time, reducing the difficulty and cost of operation. Make chatting online easier and more enjoyable with the live chat widget.

Optimized the hierarchical relationship of message preview in text mode.

Find and try out the new feature of BestChat on Shopify and Wix today!

Effectively improve satisfaction