The Lovely Chatbot Assistant -- BestChat Bot and Invitation Card Will be Online Soon!

Rosina Reistetter

It is common sense that we need a live chat solution to handle our online business more effectively and gain more sales for sure. Among all the ways to attract potential customers, the auto Invitation plus Chatbot solutions is a very effective method to make customers stay and buy.

Here I want to introduce you to the Invitation and Chatbot function BestChat bot, they are online now and totally free!

Everybody loves the idea of a warm but mild welcome message! It’s like a dynamic sign which could show useful promotion codes or other important information to your customers without a real service agent engaged.

You don’t have to find other apps added to your Shopify store as it surely will affect the page loading speed. But with BestChat Invitation on, you could simply edit all the words in BestChat and it will be effective immediately. No need to change anything in the Shopify theme or codes.

A Chatbot? We have our BestChat bot, it’s surfing online now!

Yes, a chatbot is a pre-set assistant which could automatically provide customers with information without any human intervention involved. Chatbot contributes a lot to increase the efficiency in serving customers meanwhile it is a good labor and finance saver.

Everybody could use a chatbot as you definitely have your own FAQ regarding your business. Just pick the most asked questions or important information from your FAQ and list them in Chatbot to your customers. The chatbot could take care of the repeated regular questions from customers, so your service agent could focus more on the unusual issues which may involve more departments and longer confirmation.

What’s more, Chatbot could provide 24/7 service all the time, which will definitely help when the service agent is offline. We all know that people are getting impatience nowadays as many other APP will steal their attention so easily and quick. So if you can’t provide the information such as dimension and size to them in time, they may just give up on you and move to another store.

Thoughtful customer service is absolutely the combination of human service and Chatbot. The human service will handle the more complicated problems, and collect and extract the information to build the database of Chatbot. And the chatbot will be utilized as a quick and accurate helper to make customers stay and even buy.

For our beloved Shopify users, BestChat will provide 3 questions for free to meet your basic requirements. We strongly recommend you try it now! And if you find it useful and would like to acquire more, please contact us at

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