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Turn Every Customer Interaction into a Business Opportunity

Leyla Sheth

After 10 years of rapid growth, with the gradual disappearance of the Internet dividend, the economy has begun to enter the era of stock, coupled with the "internal fighting" caused by the epidemic, companies will face more diverse customer needs and more refined operational challenges. So, how to find new drivers of sustainable growth has become the first problem to be solved.

Some experts said that understock competition, service is marketing. Service is not the end of sales, but the starting point of marketing. This is the trend of marketing. We can provide precise services at every touchpoint and turn every customer contact into a business opportunity.

Under such circumstances, customer service is being hoped with a new mission, stepping onto the front desk and gradually assuming a part of the marketing function. Therefore, the customer service center is moving from a "cost center" to a "profit center", and a marketing-based intelligent customer service system has become an inevitable trend of development. BestChat provides smarter and more efficient services through technology, turning every customer interaction into a business opportunity.

Multi-channel integration, make marketing more efficient.

With the vigorous development of mobile apps and social platforms, a single channel cannot meet the needs of customers in many cases. To meet the individual needs of customers anytime and anywhere, more and more companies are beginning to provide customer service through multi-channel integration. BestChat customer service system helps companies to integrate all channel chats into the same backend, and the customer service does not need to switch backends, greatly improving efficiency. Under the integration of multiple channels, the services of enterprises have become faster and marketing is more convenient.

Customer information analysis, find potential customers quickly

Generally speaking, customers will generate a lot of browsing and operation data from the moment they enter the website, and behind these data are full of sales opportunities. For example, a customer browses a certain product for a long time and hesitates to repeatedly jump between two products, or send a product link to a friend for reference. Mastering these behavioral data is extremely valuable for converting users. BestChat online customer service system can help customer service analyze and understand the customer's keywords, visit pages, visit times, and other data so that the customer service can predict whether the customer has purchase intention and carry out targeted marketing.

Proactively contact to increase the possibility of the transaction

BestChat provides an invitation function, active chat function, and other functions, allowing customer service to contact visitors for marketing and increase transaction opportunities. When customer service finds the intended customer, he/she can immediately invite a chat, actively attract the visitor, and convert the potential visitor into a deal.

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